Why Eco-Mobility?

We are well aware that a lot of scooters are similar to ours. Meanwhile we know the market very well and we know that everything looks nearly the same but there are differences.

  • Difference in quality of components.
  • Supplier in China and no one in place that monitors the quality of the product. - We have someone we can trust that controls the quality of the product supplied before sending it to Europe.
  • Short-term cooperation with suppliers. Many buy the cheapest and they do not care about quality. - We cooperate always with the same supplier, and we know that we can count on him. The collaboration also allows us to develop our product and ask for a quality that matches the request  in Switzerland.
  • Others import large quantities to reduce transportation costs by scooter. Electric vehicles are often stored for a long time until they are sold. In addition in heated areas. These scooters are often stored in the original carton. A battery will be discharged and aging even if you do not use the scooter! Nobody checks the state of charge of the battery and does not think about recharging. In addition they sell vehicles with batteries with a production date far back - Our scooters are unpacked and the state of charge of the batteries is monitored. We import only the quantities that we can sell in a reasonable time. This allows us to sell vehicles with almost new batteries.
  • As already mentioned scooters are often stored in the original carton and nobody checks the vehicle inside. - We unpack each scooter and our vehicles are checked before sending to the client. Below you find a picture of our workshop / warehouse.
  • When buying on the internet outside of Switzerland transportation costs are added. In addition you have to pay the customs fees, customs duties and VAT on imports to Switzerland. - Our prices include all such costs and delivery at your home if you wish (the delivery is made in carton and final assembly must be done by the customer). If you want a delivery of the scooter ready to use you can collect your vehicle at our adress in Nyon (assembly costs are included in our price).
  • Scooter is sold and there is no customer service. - We guarantee the supply of spare parts. We have a great expertise with a competent and professional team. We have our own workshop and we can fix all problems by ourselves. Of course we do also all warranty repairs and services on our vehicles. Everything from a single source.
  • We know the laws and we sell only vehicles that comply with the laws. If you are stopped by the police with an unauthorized electric scooter and you do not comply with the law, you receive a fine, an injunction, a license withdrawal and in the event of a claim, the insurance can reduce the benefits. Most of the purchased e-scooters are not allowed and therefore prohibited on public roads.

This is what makes the difference. Since we sell our scooters we have seen come and go a lot of companies. 

The choice is yours!

If you want to try one of our scooters please make an appointment. We ask for a fee of CHF 20 -. which will be deducted when purchasing.