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Nihola quality bikes from Denmark



Scooter 36V 500W

Scooter 3 wheels

Scooter 4 wheels 

Mid drive kit

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Bulle 2010

Ecole hôtelière Lausanne

Ecole hôtelière Lausanne

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Saga des géants

About Eco-Mobility

Electric propulsion will play an important role in Swiss road traffic in the future years: that's the premise largely shared by the experts who participated at the first Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility in Lucerne. By signing the charter of Lucerne, leading makers of policy, research, economy and society - including TCS - have pledged to take measures and deployment activities required to open wide the way for electric mobility in Switzerland in the years to come. Electric vehicles have a huge advantage over internal combustion engines with the quality of the Swiss electricity. As an alternative fuel for the mobility sector, electricity can drastically reduce air pollutants (CO2, NOx, fine particles). In addition, the vehicle generates less noise. 

Eco-Mobility your gateway to a sustainable mobility.

We are interested in a long-term customer relationship and quality is important to us. Short-term profit and sales growth at any price is alien to us! We know the laws and we sell only vehicles that comply with the laws. If you are stopped by the police with an unauthorized electric scooter and you do not comply with the law, you receive a fine, an injunction, a license withdrawal and in the event of a claim, the insurance can reduce the benefits. Most of the purchased e-scooters are not allowed and therefore prohibited on public roads.